Canned version, sold with the stein (pictured) in a gift pack in 2022. $10.99 for the combo. Right now I am somewhat unconvinced that this is a different beer to this one, but the ABVs are different (this at 4.8%, the Original at 5.1%) and they must be different since...
OktoberfaceAmerican-Style Märzen

American-Style Märzen

Purchased on a whim. 4 pack, Belmont Beverage, Decatur, IN. $10.99 for the 16 oz servings. To be fair, I was ready to hate this before I had tried it. In the end, I was not horrified! I do hate the term, “American-Style Märzen Lager”, and a few reviews...


All prerequisites fulfilled in the style, so perfect in that regard. Light, butterscotch, orangey gold colored body with a big pillow-like head. Looks resplendent in the Tücher half-liter glass. Nose offers everything that you’d want and expect. Light floral...


Golden, butterscotch, hazed body with a decent head and some minimal lace. White film settles across the surface of the beer. Nose offers some deep, ready hop notes, but very balanced. Tastes begin with a bitterness upfront that is also well-balanced. Nothing harsh...


Pale gold colored body, close to complete clarity (tiny amount of haze), with a moderate head; little to no lace. Nose has clean Belgian yeasts and not much else. It’s good, but fairly simple. The beer opens with a decent splash of bitterness, followed by more...