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Legacy drinkers and the
assault on Belgium, England and Germany

I *think* that I coined the term legacy drinker. I never remember hearing it anywhere else. If that’s not true, apologies. So, what does ‘legacy drinker’ mean? … Read More

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Birdboy Brewing Co.
- Phoenix Rising

If you’re wondering what’s been happening at Birdboy Brewing Co. of late, and you’re a tad confused by some recent comings and goings, then you’re not the only one Read More

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Never meet your heroes.
The death of elite beer bars?

‘Never meet your heroes’ is a phrase that is probably best used by kids. They are the group that are perhaps most susceptible to thinking that people, … Read More

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- a true nano production

When five blokes get together to brew and drink beer, sometimes things don’t exactly go to plan. There’s quite a lot of potential for nonsense to be talked, and for fanciful plans … Read More

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Beer Promotes Community
In Goshen, IN

If you happen to feel an enhanced sense of community the next time that you visit the Goshen Brewing Co. (GBCo.) in Goshen, Indiana, it’s not by accident. … Read More

An Englishman and a Scotsman walk into an American bar

There’s an unusual beast prowling just to the east of the Wells Corridor, north of downtown Fort Wayne. He’s a brewer working in a relatively small brewery, in a relatively obscure part of the United States, with … Read More

Come Into My Parlor. A chat with Chris Bryant of Parlor City Brewing

When Parlor City Brewing opened in June of 2020, it wasn’t exactly the ideal time to be launching a service business of any kind, let alone one in the food and  … Read More

Beeradvocate more than a decade removed. Still banning!

On 3/31/22 the official Beeradvocate Twitter account manned by Todd Alström, blocked the newly minted dingsbeerblog Twitter account. Yep, it’s true. Quick, to the DeLorean! …
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Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple

Gulden Draak
9000 Quadruple

Beautiful, deep orange-golden color. Rocky head, lace is fantastic. Obviously a ridiculous color for a "Quad" but that doesn't make it unattractive. Nose offers sweetness, and some bready malt, but it doesn't give away what's to follow. At 10.7%,...

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Fantôme Refreshing Summer Spiritus Project

Fantôme Refreshing
Summer Spiritus Project

Well, here we are, back to utter insanity with this Fantôme offering. A darkish, lime green pour with a decent head, some thin film lingering, and an acceptable, if not incredibly well-retained head. The green color doesn't bother me (it's Dany),...

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Tre Fontane Tripel

Tre Fontane

I'm a bit curious about the age of this bottle. Difficult to know, and other than "L17 40" printed on the label there's nothing else to go by. I'm hoping this is not a reference to 2017, but TBH with no other information to hand, who knows? Various...

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Fantôme Fantôsma Patagonia

Fantôsma Patagonia

At the very best of times Fantôme beers can be tricky to pin down, to categorize, and to understand. That's their beauty and indeed their point in many ways. Then from time to time you get one that defies even that 'logic'. This is one of those....

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Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) 2019

Canadian Breakfast
Stout (CBS) 2019

2019 CBS - at least that’s how it’s advertised. I don’t think CBS was ever the 12.3% printed on the beer menu, so there’s an element of doubt here. Anyway, not that important TBH. Poured with a head that could be better. Yes this is a 11+% beer,...

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Ommegang Bigger and Bretter

Bigger and Bretter

Old bottle (obviously) Oh how the mighty have fallen. Ommegand in 2022 is a shadow of its former self (another conversation altogether), and this beer takes us back to a different time when the brewery was truly a great force in the USA. Tremendous...

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The Past. The Present. The Future.

Here’s the complete blog archive with all of the posts from 2011 until today. In addition, you’ll see posts broken down into more specific categories in the Blog Menu. What kind of content can you expect here at Ding’s Beer Blog going forward? What’s the newer content likely to look like? What kind of opinions and writing can you reasonably expect? Here’s a heads-up …

Cains, Finest Bitter



No BS please, frankly I’ve seen it all before

I am not a kid either in terms of my chronological age or my beer experience. There’s a lot of movers and shakers in beer these days that were not born when I was drinking Bass from the wood with my dad, that were in elementary school when I was traveling to Belgium twice a year for beer, and that were only just starting puberty when I was critiquing the fledgling US craft beer scene two decades ago. (Don’t worry, I know that most of you don’t care). So what? Just don’t bother me with your BS.


I’ll drink (almost) any beer at least once, but …

Drinking something that you know that you probably won’t like just because it’s there, or just because it’s the current flavor of the month is frankly, dumb. What does that mean for me and DBB? Well, likely that I’m going to come down hard against hazy ‘IPAs’, that I’ll be ultra-critical of the non-descript, lazy ‘fruited sours’, that I’ll be hating on milkshake ‘IPAs’, and more often than not pissing all over pastry stouts. I’m a traditionalist, a defender of classic styles, and not a fickle, Johnny-come-lately.

Cains, Finest Bitter


Fort Wayne/NE-IN beer scene critiqued

With the re-launch of the website you’ll likely find an emphasis on the beer scene in and around Fort Wayne and north-east Indiana, as I get back to reviewing and commenting on the beer (and the beer scene) that’s close to me. Expect to read my opinions about what’s going on here, but don’t expect blanket praise. If you’re a local brewery or brewer you’ll need to earn the kudos. Local beer is most definitely not necessarily good beer, and expect no punches to be pulled; no beer given a pass.