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Samuel Smith’s
Organic Chocolate Stout

Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster)


One of the relatively new, 12oz slender bottles. Ostensibly a black pour, but some red-garnet highlights at the edges. Head decent, but retention and lace not great. Nose is a cocoa powder extravaganza, quite extraordinary. Tastes are a bit more chocolate milk-like, but either way the chocolate element is quite ...

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DAB Maibock


Came across this on a recent trip to Northern Michigan and I have to admit that I didn't know that DAB made a Maibock. Since this is a style that I really enjoy it was a simply decision to pick it up. $2.19 for the 500mL can. Very standard, golden...

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Cuvée des Jonquilles

Cuvée des

A hazy, light golden color with a fluffy, white, wispy head. It fades quickly but there is some lace. Carbonation is solid. Nose offers plenty of light, sweet, floral esters. Very, very light floral esters on the palate to start with, with a touch...

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Ommegang Fruittanomyces

Ommegang Fruittanomyces

750mL, corked and caged, sooooo good to see that presentation again. Purchased on a recent trip to Houghton, MI in the UP, $15.95 for the bottle. Opens with a tremendous pop, excellent carbonation, always like to see that. Mid-golden, lightly hazed...

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Reissdorff Kölsch


Funny. I must have drunk this beer a million times. How so? It's the beer that The Brick Store kept (and I believe SILL keeps) on as the American macro alternative. That's a little harsh, but TBH it's true. If offers a completely cler conscience to...

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Bière Darbyste


This is an extremely soft and gentle beer no matter how one slices it. The mouthfeel is incredibly soft, with lightest of touches on the carbonation, and it has a pillow-like mouthfeel. Quite astonishing A hazy orange body with a bit of a...

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11.2oz bottle, BBD: 23MAR28. Not sure if that makes this a 2023 vintage or not ... more research required. Lovely, lightly hazed orange color with a great head that is beautifully formed and retained. Nice lace. Nose offers some significant, yeasty...

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The Past. The Present. The Future.

Here’s the complete blog archive with all of the posts from 2011 until today. In addition, you’ll see posts broken down into more specific categories in the Blog Menu. What kind of content can you expect here at Ding’s Beer Blog going forward? What’s the newer content likely to look like? What kind of opinions and writing can you reasonably expect? Here’s a heads-up.

Cains, Finest Bitter

The Past.


No BS please, frankly I’ve seen it all before

I am not a kid either in terms of my chronological age or my beer experience. There are a lot of movers and shakers in beer these days who weren’t born when I was drinking Bass from the wood with my dad, that were in elementary school when I was traveling to Belgium twice a year for beer, and that were only just starting puberty when I was critiquing the fledgling US craft beer scene two decades ago. (Don’t worry, I know that most of you don’t care). So what? Just don’t bother me with your BS.

The Present.


I’ll drink (almost) any beer at least once, but …

Drinking something that you know that you probably won’t like just because it’s there, or just because it’s the current flavor of the month is frankly, dumb. What does that mean for me and DBB? Well, likely that I’m going to come down hard against hazy ‘IPAs’, that I’ll be ultra-critical of the non-descript, lazy ‘fruited sours’, that I’ll be hating on milkshake ‘IPAs’, and more often than not pissing all over pastry stouts. I’m a traditionalist, a defender of classic styles, and not a fickle, Johnny-come-lately.

Cains, Finest Bitter

The Future.


The Fort Wayne & North-East IN beer scene critiqued

With the re-launch of the website you’ll likely find an emphasis on the beer scene in and around Fort Wayne and north-east Indiana, as I get back to reviewing and commenting on the beer (and the beer scene) that’s close to me. Expect to read my opinions about what’s going on here, but don’t expect blanket praise. If you’re a local brewery or brewer you’ll need to earn the kudos. Local beer is most definitely not necessarily good beer, and expect no punches to be pulled; no beer given a pass.