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Notes on beers in the style

Belgian Blonde
Duvel Single Fermented

Single Fermented

I guess that there are two ways to look at this. Firstly, if you take it for what it is, then it's not bad (even if I think it's a little too hop forward even for a Belgian Pale or Blonde). However, if you start comparing it to Duvel - which IMO is simultaneousoly inevitable AND unfair - then it's going to be a disappointment. Am I supposed to compare this to that? Of course not, they are different beers, but I'm sat here thinking, "Well. I wish this were a Duvel". Light, straw colored pour...

Braupakt 2024


When I first heard about this beer I was excited. How could one not be? A collaboration between these two? It has to be great, right? Right?? Of course, I've seen enough collaborations between two high-powered, well-respected breweries to know that expectations can often be raised to such a level that there is no way on Earth that they could ever be met. Is that the fault of the consumer? Sure, but in my experience that has been a fact of life. All too often these high-profile, 'matches made...

Duvel 6.66


Another Duvel variant that we don't need, but as you know I'll try all that I can. Here we go with 6.66. A pour that looks suspiciously Hefeweizen-like. Large, pitted, white head. Nose and tastes are surprisingly sweet with a light bitter overtone. It caught me a bit off-guard TBH, with the beer drinking very easily with a light, medium body, Nothing harsh here, but never to the point of being bland. It's pretty tasty if not my cup of tea. The hop bill is quite complicated and they blend well,...

Brugse Zot


Orange-golden color on the pour with a decent head initially. The head does fade, but it leaves a good ring and thin film, and has some decent lace. Looks solid. Nose is incredibly bready - I mean by any standards. It's good. Tastes are a lovely, balanced malt forward beer, with some very light bitterness from the hops. Some people aren't very high on this beer, and it some quarters it gets a bad wrap. I think that's because it's so common in Belgium. There's a lovely, light acidity, in the...

Chouffe Soleil


A beer that I've never seen in the US before last week. $11.99 for the 4 pack of usual Chouffe, 330 mL bottles. Pour is a pale gold. Head is wispy and airy, and leaves some great lace. Retention better than average. More than anything else on the nose I get light hops. Very often, with all beers, that initial nose get carried through to the the first tastes but not here. Tastes are a great combo of Belgian yeastiness, light candy sugar, simple melon like fruits (which is another way of saying...

St. Feuillien NINE

St. Feuillien

11.2 oz bottle, 8/10/21. Bigger brother of FIVE and SEVEN, and smaller brother of ELEVEN. I suppose we can argue at what point something described as a Belgian Strong Blonde becomes a Belgian Strong Pale, or if it does at all, or if it matters at all, but at the end of the day it all boils down to much the same thing in the glass. Fairly standard alcohol solvent on the nose. As one would expect. Described as a Strong Blonde the beer pours as one would expect. Golden body, bone-white head with...

Chouffe 40


The Blonde 40th anniversary beer. The usual Chouffe presentation. Lemon colored, lightly clouded body with an initial high, white, bubbly head. Retention and lace are not great, but there is a thin film left on the surface of the beer. Light, hoppy nose but more sweet than anything else. Tastes reflect the nose with a lightly hoppy note surrounded by some sweeter cereal notes. It finishes dry and with a kind of light, orange juice. The zesty, orange peel/pith tastes come on stronger as the...

St. Feuillien FIVE

St. Feuillien

Here we go with a new beer, and one that has obviously been specifically marketed as a lower ABV, "refreshing" thirst-quencher. They are NOT shying away from the marketing on this one! Pretty, bright, light lemon yellow color and a good head on pouring. Decent retention, some lace and a nice thin film. Nose offers a little grassy bread. Upfront tastes ARE indeed "refreshing" - LOL. Very gentle hops are balanced well with simple grains. There's a decent whack of Belgian yeast which is great in...

Typical Anne

Typical Anne

Not my first time drinking a Parlor City Brewing Company beer, but my first review of one. Thanks to the brewer and owner Chris for this complimentary 16 oz. Belgian Blonde Ale. Well, if you look at the BJCP style guidelines (25A) for this beer, you’ll find … this beer! I bring attention to this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, one of may age-old pet peeves is when the beer fails to meet its description - that problem is totally avoided here, and secondly, its just not that common a style in...