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Bell's Brewery

Bell’s Hopslam Ale

Original notes 02/17/2008 (Pictured Jan 2021) Thanks to brickstoredave (via Robert AKA Georgiabeer) for the opportunity to crack one of these on a quiet Friday afternoon at The Brick Store, Decatur, GA, USA. 12 oz single. Pour is a fairly typical, mid-orange affair with a surprisingly good head and lace for the (apparently) large ABV (more of that later). Typically cloudy appearance for the style. Nose conjures up a west coast assault on the taste buds, and we're not disappointed when it comes...

Bell’s Oberon Ale

Notes added 06/20 Can, pictured. It’s funny how perspective on any given beer changes over time, with experience, and with changing circumstances. Oberon is a beer that’s been on my own radar for going towards two decades, and honestly not one that I ever think much about, but always enjoy when it is placed in front of me. The ability of this beer to hit a very particular spot in terms of drinking pleasure is quite pronounced, and as such it always pleases. Whether that’s the thirst-quenching...