LabrassbandaLove Beer

Love Beer

500 mL bottle. Incredibly attractive color on the pour, a real, deep golden. Not necessarily all that typical of many a Hefewieizen, which often come with a somewhat lighter, yellow hue rather than the deep golden color we get here. Head is solid with some lace and...
HofbräuHefe Weizen

Hefe Weizen

11.2 oz (330 mL) single. Straw colored pour with a head that fades quickly. A little chill-haze, a few floaties. Limited lace, not a great deal of retention. Grainy nose, a little bubblegum -not much. Medium body with a light yeasty, bubblegum and banana tastes....


All prerequisites fulfilled in the style, so perfect in that regard. Light, butterscotch, orangey gold colored body with a big pillow-like head. Looks resplendent in the Tücher half-liter glass. Nose offers everything that you’d want and expect. Light floral...
Weissbier Hell

Weissbier Hell

Orange, honey-colored, hazed body and a wispy head. The head is gone quickly, little to no lace. Nose offers little, likely too cold. Sweetish taste profile that at the beginning and lacks the classic banana and bubble gum notes out of the blocks. Likely to do with...

Mission St. Hefeweizen

22 oz bottle from the Trader Joe’s cheap and cheerful line. I have had some really good success with some of these budget brews, but there have also been one or two stinkers so it’s always an adventure – let’s see what we have here. The beer...