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Notes on beers in the style



Of late I've been trying to fill in a few gaps in terms of notes and reviews for beers that I've drunk a lot of prior, but have never been recorded formally. This time of year there's obviously great opportunities to do that with Oktoberfests and Festers. 12 oz bottle from a six pack. Immediately the Festbier (rather than the Marzen) becomes apparent from the appearance. A golden body with a nice, two finger wispy white head. Looks well-carbonated and feels 'crisp' - Jesus how I hate that word...

Kloster Andechs

I'm not at all sure that this beer has been in the US before 2023. This is backed up by the fact that it was only added to the beeradvocate database in August of this year. L1433. If it has been here prior, then the distribution must have been very limited, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't. It's also a good example of why, even these days when I'm infinitely more detached from the beer scene that I ever was, that I still go into just about every beer store that I ever see and can do so in a...


I love to come across a new Oktoberfest or Festbier or Märzen, and when there is the promise of some sensible Sierra Nevada old-school, no nonsense brewing associated with, it it all bodes well. The Sierra series of collaborations for these beers has generally been a good thing. However, I am confused a bit by the name. Is this going to be an American styled Octoberfest in the malty, caramel colored manner, or a more traditional, lighter colored (still malty) Festbier? Only one way to find...

Weihenstephaner Festbier

12 oz single from Total Wine, Perimeter, Atlanta, GA, USA. Poured into the Tücher Weizen glass (not pictured, rather the picture shown is from 08/15/21) , the color is alarmingly light for the style, IF we were talking a Märzen (we're not, BTW!). Here's the explanation for the hue which comes six years after my original notes on this beer. The pour is largely a macro yellow color and lacks the kind of extra added orange, amber depth that one would expect to find in a Märzen. Strike one...