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Brasserie Caulier
Paix Dieu


I first came across this beer back in April/May of 2020. I had seen it at an online retailer in Belgium and I didn't recognize it. I am assuming that it was relatively new at the time. In a style that I generally love, obviously it was a no-brainer for me to order it and try one. I happened to mention this in passing to an acquaintance of mine who lives in Belgium and he was very excited. He's not necessarily a beer guy per se, but he mentioned that the brewery is relatively local to him and...

Bon Secours Noel Bière Blonde

Bon Secours
Noel Bière Blonde

33 cl, flip-top bottle from Finest Belgian Beers. A healthy pop on opening, a good sign. The body is an orange, hazy affair with an above average rocky white head with good lace. Retention slightly above average too. Nose offers a very attractive light spice, and some alcoholic sweetness. The initial tastes do much the same, but the sweetness is greater in the mouth than the nose might suggest. Champagne feel on the larger gulps, but with a lower carbonation than that might suggest. More...

Bon Secours – Biere Vivante

Bon Secours – Biere Vivante

Extremely interesting on a number of fronts; Purchased at City Beverage in Winston-Salem, NC, USA (a great store BTW), for $5.99 marked down from $8.99. Notched rear label that seems to indicate "Lot B", but the "Best Before" notches fall EXACTLY between the months 02/03 and the years 06/07. I suspect this is supposed to be March '07, but either way this beer is STILL drinking nicely. Surprised to see it "Retired" here - what's the story? More surprises becasue this pours as a Belgian Strong...