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Notes on beers in the style

Brett Beer

Peche ‘n Brett

Batch no: 2021, Bottled on 2/23/22. Pale, clouded yellow body with a modest head. Head is light and bubbly. Light film is left, a very, very light touch of lace, hardly anything left on the glass. Great mouthfeel. Feels both lively and light. Light, fruity acidity on the nose, not necessarily discernible as peach for me. Nice, but somewhat generic. There's a lovely, gentle balance about this beer. Sour and sweet complement rather than compete. Gently vying with one another for the spotlight....

Local Brett Beer

33cl bottle, imported from Belgium. Orange, hazed pour with a modest head. Nice retention but not a great deal of lace. Nose is immediately apparent with a serious dose of funk right off the bat. A touch of white pepper up front, but it's mainly a a funky cheese note. Big cheesy funk in the tastes too, but the beer is surprisingly light to drink. Very light on its feet in fact. The funk brings some lovely residual bitterness that turns into hoppy burps, and a dry, satisfying bitter aftertaste....