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Bluebird Bitter

It's hard to describe the literal euphoria of an Englishman who is a legacy drinker, and who hasn't been home for too long, when a beer like this comes into view. I picked it up via a west coast bottle shop, unexpectedly, when I was buying some other beers, and what a thrill (and a treat) that is. Lightly chill-hazed, golden straw color, with a modest head, but decent retention and lace above average. Nice, and as expected. Nose is where things start to change. The label says "English Pale Ale...

Old Man Ale

Green's, Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. 500 mL bottle. Best before 13th June 2006 so this is somewhat past the brewery recommended best, but I am still reviewing it for posterity. Usually I am not too othered by best before dates as the whole process can be some subjective, but here there does seem to be a genuine problem. Huge, billowing head on the initial pour. Quite a lot of carbonation. Some chill haze as the light amber body form. Some good lacing. Initial nose and tastes maybe give away the...

Bluebird Bitter

Additional notes 10/26/22 Seventeen years between these notes! Color the same but significantly less hop notes than the original notes suggested. This is MUCH close to a biscuit based, gentle, and subtle English Bitter than one would ever gather from my 2005 notes. Some light coinage metal in the nose that is not really reflected in the tastes. Very light, easy drinking which is what I would expect in the forst instance. Odd that my original notes don't reflect this. Light, easy drinking,...