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Notes on beers in the style

Westbrook Gozu


22oz bottle, Gose with Yuzu juice added. Bottled 12/18/13. First to greet the senses is an extremely odd smell. I guess that's the juice?! Clouded yellow body. Nice frothy head. An obvious light ethanoic acid note in the nose as well. This tastes odd. There's a fruit element coupled with a weird earthy taste that I cannot place. Unique? Yep. Does that mean good? Errr ... not really. Unadulterated gose would be better for my money. There's a funny, lemony, bizarre sourness (expected), but the...

Leipziger Gose

Leipziger Gose

Poured into the Tucher Weizen glass I get a toffee colored body, lots of cloudy sediment as expected, and a tall, light and frothy head. The body is not particularly attractive since the sediment is somewhat unusual, it looks like small flecks of black soot floating in the beer. Very, very little to report in the aroma department, perhaps a little citrus. Taste is very disappointing to me. A thin body and a distinct lack of character. Watery and very non-descript. A little bit of citrus lemon,...