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Notes on beers in the style


Lindemans Faro Lambic

Thanks go out to Kevin for hooking me up here. Pour is a rich looking, brown with a decent amount of head considering the style. This is not a highly carbonated style and it has the tendency to feel a bit flat. Nose and tastes are crushingly sweet. Very pronounced sugars and candy notes dominate just about everything else that might be competing for your attention. The mouthfeel and some of the tastes (and indeed the look) remind me quite a lot of Duchesse but obviously significantly sweeter....

Chapeau Faro Lambic

12.7 oz green, dimpled-bottomed bottle. Cap is interesting, do you have one of these pghlee?? Out of the the capped and corked bottle (with no freshness date), it sits in the Brasserie l'Abbaye des Rocs chalice with a fairly ordinary presence with a brown body and some nice head. The head fades to give a collar and some film with minimal lace. Not really making itself known. The nose offers some pretty strong fruit, with plums being the most obvious. Densely fruity with a touch of acidity. The...