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Notes on beers in the style

Dortmunder / Export Lager

Mountain Lager

12 oz single, thanks to Micah for the chance to try this one. No freshness date that I can see. Nice golden clarity on the pour and a pretty high head. Head fades to leave a small collar and a little lace. Attractive. Very strong (surprisingly so) sweet malt aroma builds from the moment it is opened. The sweetness carries into the tastes with some light hay, a bit of wet grassiness about it and a small whiff of organic notes. Appropriate, gentle carbonation. there is quite a lot of grain based...

Shiner Fröst

12 oz single from Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pour is a very attractive, deep, orange gold body with a pretty good, dense well-formed head. Even some lace and pretty nice retention. Surprisingly good looking. Carbonation is constant and the nose gives some slight sweetness. The tastes are quite sweet with a nice malt base and light hop finish. More sweetness and some grains come through and the finish is satisfying. The aftertaste lingers with a touch of bitterness. Deeper and more complex...

DAB Original

12oz single, $0.99 from Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA, USA. Typical macro pour with a lack of head and lace and a golden macro pour. To be honest it's difficult for me to distinguish this from many other, mass produced lagers. Light mouthfeel with corny, vegetal elements and not much else. Nose is non-descript. The beer lacks any kind of presence (both in terms of body and taste) and this beer is an all round disappointment. Wanted to enjoy it more, but it failed.

Dominion Lager

16oz pour, Taco Mac, Douglasville, GA, USA. $4.25. Seems like a macro lager in micro clothing. Light, golden color with a disappointing head and lace. Distinct lack of head and lace, and an odd "plasticy" type aftertaste for me. Seemed to have a grainy alcoholic, weirdness to it. Not at all sure that I would be able to distinguish between this and several macro adjunts - rather poor.

Duveneck Dortmunder

$3.99 for the 22oz bomber at Cheers in Carrollton, GA, USA. Second beer from this brewer, both have been equally unimpressive. Pour has plenty of head and lace initially, but this fades quickly. Murky, turbid, hazy unfiltered look. Yellowish tinge; has the appearance of a wheat. Not good at all. Mild acidity is the overwhelming experience. Thin in the mouth too; harsh and prickly, no smoothness. Very low drinkability. 0 for 2 from Barrel House as far as I am concerned.

Baltika #7 Export

Purchased at Beverage Resort in Kennesaw, GA, USA (the home of Eastern European adjunct, macro lager!). 1 pint .9 fl oz green bottle, blue and silver labels on body and neck. It's a sweet, adjunct lager that is very reminiscent of all of the other Baltika's. It looks a little better than many of a similar ilk - good, pale straw color, nice carbonation and a decent head (even a little lace), but outside of that nothing to report. Residual sweetness upfront and lingering. On its side it is...

LongShot Dortmunder Style Export

12oz bottle as part of the mixed LONGSHOT sixer, $6.49 @ Cheers, Carrollton, GA, USA. The LONGSHOT six-pack just made it to GA in the last few days. Notched label suggests Best Before June 2007. Lovely golden color with great clarity, nice carbonation and a smallish, but perfectly formed billowing, pillow-like head. Looks like a hgh quality Pilsner. Light and crisp hop aroma. Very smooth, silky mouthfeel that is almost slightly slick, makes this feel like a much higher ABV beer than it really...

Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold

12oz single, Liquor Barn, Lexington, KY, USA. Sep 20/06, 2797AM. Great looking pour with mild carbonation but a super large frothy head and some nice lacing. Aroma is a dry, laer/cider smell. Some apples. Tastes are EXTREMELY fruity. I was amazed at the amount of flavor that was here. A mildly tart, cranberry and apple sweetness. Very tasty. Taste is not too dry. Quite light. The more you drink of this the better it is.

33 Export

Nothing to report here outside of what you would expect. Clear golden color with good carbonation at first, but this initial blast of bubbles fades to almost mothing within a few minutes. No lacing. Skunky, corny, vegetable nose with a taste to match. If I am going to drink this kind of thing I like to have a refreshing palate and a clean finish. The delivers neither so is not at all to my liking. Weak body, no real point to this beer.

Ayinger Jahrhündert Bier

Additional notes 08/06/2020 (pictured) Malts to the fore, with a real rounded biscuit note. There's plenty of honey, without the harsh, bitter finish. It's not brutal, just gentle. Original notes 08/20/05 As many others have mentioned, this is an incredibly good looking beer, with the color and clarity being close to perfect. I see a lot of other reviewers have suggested "straw" as the color. I saw a yellow/green color, almost like a pale lime green. Good pillow like head. Some biscuit yeast...