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The Spencer Brewery LLC
Spencer Trappist Ale

Trappist Ale

With the demise of the brewery, probably my last bottle of this. 11.2oz, 7/22/23 which is likely a BB date, so a little past its best. I think that I've always wished that this was a Belgian Strong Pale Ale rather than a simpler version, and not because I don't appreciate the lighter touch, but because the bottle and label have the look of a beer with more gravitas to me. Anyway, the pour is a good one with lace and retention that is better than average. Color is quite a dark golden, lightly...

Spencer Vienna Style Lager

Vienna Style Lager

Best before 03/03/23, so I appreciate where we are with this 5.5%, relatively delicate beer in early September 2023. Lovely, burnt orange colored pour with a decent head. Nose offers the requisite malty base. Tastes follow suit with some drying character in the back end. That might be a function of age. Simple sweet caramel malts and a bit of earthiness in the finish. If anything, quite fruity for the style, with a soft, peachy or pear like element. Not ester based, but soft and light....

Spencer Monks’ Reserve Ale

Monks’ Reserve Ale

I’ve had this a few times before these notes, so this is a collective narrative from more than one sitting. It pours with a lovely look. Dark brown, a better than average head and lace when one considers the ABV, and a retention that is also better than I was expecting. Nose offers little other than a slightly surprising acidity. This is not really reflected in any tastes. Some bakers chocolate in the initial tastes. This is followed by some dry alcohol, some raisin based fruit, and a touch of...

Spencer Monks’ IPA

Spencer Monks’ IPA

16 oz can from Belgian-Style Ales online. Wanted to grab this before it goes away forever. Obviously this is not a NEIPA (or maybe it IS!), but it certainly looks (and drinks) a little like one. Bright orange body, with some chill-haze that gives a slight impression of haziness. Nice rocky head. The combination of hops (mosaic, citra, amarillo and simcoe) give a real juicy effect, and frankly not one that I care for much. It's very soft in the mouth, lacking bitterness (30 IBUs says the can)...