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Sharp's Brewery

Eden Ale

Consumed at The Britannia Inn, St. Austell, Cornwall, England. An interesting concept behind this beer - this is taken from the Saharp's web site; "The Eden Project was set up in Cornwall to promote the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people and resources leading to a sustainable future for all. At Sharp's we are committed to making great beer with the least possible impact on our environment. Eden Pure Ale was developed in conjunction with...

Atlantic IPA

Fantasic beer with a decent ABV (considering the style) that manages to combine both a refreshing, summer drinking type ability along with one of the more satisying experiences of a "lighter" beer. A combination of four hop varities goes into the beer, which although not necessarily easy to detect as individual notes, do lend a certain complexity to the brew. A light citrus note is first followed by some deeper soapy like notes. The malt cuts across the whole beer to leave a satisfying...