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Huisbrouwerij De Halve Maan
Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2022

Straffe Hendrik
Heritage 2022

Bottle number 11829. Full disclosure, and as I have said on many occasions prior, I have very little interest in barrel aged Belgians of any description. I'll happily drink anything once, and I'm always pleased to be able to try any such beers, but I'm not going to seek them out and I'm not interested in them in the manner that many seem to be. Having said that, Straffe are such interesting beers in general it's hard to ignore the opportunity to get stuck into this. Dark, dark chestnut brown...

Brugse Zot


Orange-golden color on the pour with a decent head initially. The head does fade, but it leaves a good ring and thin film, and has some decent lace. Looks solid. Nose is incredibly bready - I mean by any standards. It's good. Tastes are a lovely, balanced malt forward beer, with some very light bitterness from the hops. Some people aren't very high on this beer, and it some quarters it gets a bad wrap. I think that's because it's so common in Belgium. There's a lovely, light acidity, in the...

Straffe Hendrik Triple WILD 2015

Straffe Hendrik
Triple WILD 2015

11.2 oz bottle, Best before end of 2019. Greens, Buford location, Atlanta, GA in late 2022. Pour is well-carbonated (considering the age) initially, that fades quickly to give no lace but a semi-decent film across the beer. A surprisingly rich copper color with good clarity. To be honest, in terms of appearance the beer exceeds expectations. After a few minutes of warming it goes relatively still. There’s a gentle syrupy note to this beer at this age. Obviously (or at least I guess) a ‘Wild...

Straffe Hendrik Xmas Blend ’21

Straffe Hendrik
Xmas Blend ’21

Had no idea the this beer was available in the US until I stumbled across it in Atlanta recently. I bought this 2021 750 mL, and a 33 cL 2022. Great pop on opening, with a little gun-smoke. Superb pour with a high mocha head that turns into a creamy film, and some lovely, dense, creamy lace. The nose offers a boozy, caramel and cheery note. Dark copper body. Tastes start with more of the boozy cherries. Light, fruity acidity and more cherries. I'm not generally a fan of any Belgian styles...

Straffe Hendrik Tripel 9°

Straffe Hendrik Tripel 9°

Arguments abound over which beers constitute the quintessential examples of many styles, but perhaps Tripels attract the largest amount of such attention. Westmalle is of course the first beer out of people’s mouths when Tripels are the subject of that particular conversation, but Straffe Hendrik Tripel seems to be a beer that I’ve heard in these exchanges more and more. Those comparisons seem fair as soon as the beer is opened. Highly carbonated, with a huge, light head that fades to give...

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 11°

Straffe Hendrik
Quadrupel 11°

33 cl bottle, best before 18-05-2024. The color of this beer is truly beautiful. An incredibly deep garnet red, with great clarity. Head is light coffee-colored with tremendous depth and pitting. Lace is perfect. Even at a relatively cool temperatures the nose is apparent. As it warms, the yeasty aroma becomes stronger, and the sugary alcohol comes through beautifully. Tastes start with a gentle introduction of red cherries with plenty of drying bakers chocolate or cocoa. The beer is nowhere...