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Notes on beers brewed by

Hop River Brewing Co.

Angel’s Paw
(French Oak Edition)

Well, the French oak spirals certainly changed the original beer! First out, the original beer has taken on a much darker hue here. In the mouth this is much rounder, and the oak is surprisingly rich. It really changes the beer from the clean edges of the original BSPA, into a much flabbier offering. For me, even though this is quite drinkable and has all of the characteristics that one might expect, the treatment doesn't make the original beer any better. Different? Sure. Better? Not really....

Unexpected Surprise

This is a relatively new beer from Hop River. Not completely new, but not a beer that's been around for a long time, and not one of their regular beers - it should be. Since the first time that I drank this, I've always liked it, but until recently I've never been quite able to place what it is about it that I really enjoy. All kinds of brewers will give their beer all kinds of style designations. Sometimes it makes perfect sense, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it sort of does. I'm not saying...

Angel’s Paw

Thank God for Hop River Brewing Co. in Fort Wayne! Now, before you get ahead of yourself and you think that I think that Hop River makes the best beer in the universe, let me dispel that thought immediately. I certainly do not like absolutely everything that Hop River brews, but in the context of the contemporary US beer scene, I do tend to gravitate toward both their beer and their philosophy over there on Harrison Street. What is that philosophy? Well, I’m not necessarily 100% sure, mostly...