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Holsten Festbock


500 mL can, from the LCBO in Guelph, ON, Canada. Great color - a ruby reddish, orange Doppelbock/Märzen pour - but the head is poorly retained and offers little lace. It looks really good in terms of color, but the head is a bit disappointing to be honest. A shame given the hue. Is this a straight up Bock or a Festbier? Not sure, so hedging my bets. Requisite light caramel on the nose, some toffee. Tastes kick in as one would expect, with the caramel sweetness tempered by the light hop...

Holsten Maibock


If I'm honest I didn't know that this beer even existed. Pils? Yes. This? No (Also see this). 500mL can purchased at the LCBO in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Brought back to the USA. Judging by the reviews on beeradvocate this isn't available in the USA and is strictly a Canadian thing as far as North America goes. Standard golden clarity on the pour with initially a decent, highish, white head. Retention and lace aren't great. The nose offers a very straightforward, malty light skunk. Pretty...