Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock

Additional notes 08/12/23 (pictured)

Well, I never imagined I would ever see this beer again. Given the notes below, the way that I sought it for so may years, and how things have changed since then, it really is quite a journey. I have much, well-documented disdain for Tavour and that remains, but the internet brought this beer back to me. I’m a little bit stunned. $27.00 for the 12.7oz bottle. interesting that this bottle is almost twice the volume of the 2009 vintage, but also looks very similar with the red waxed neck. Thjs time with a big K on the cap.

2022 Vintage.

Given the ABV (15.5% in 2022), the head on this beer is quite amazing, and the retention and lace aren’t too shabby either. I’ll admit it was a deliberately aggressive pour, but nevertheless.

Color is a reddish copper, with great clarity. This is a splendid looking drink.

There’s a strong cheesy note that meets the nose that eventually, on warming gives way to more raspberry notes. Something similar happens in the tastes too. I’m getting much more chocolate than I got on that first bottle, and it’s curious to me that element is noted on the label. Definite chocolate covered cherry notes in there too.

There’s a LOT of chocolate here, and the raspberry only really comes in the far back end. The alcohol is there and warming, but it evens out very nicely; no solvent.

There’s no getting away from the fact that there is a bit of cough syrup here, and with beers like this, with the fruit and the ABV I think it’s impossible to avoid, but TBH it’s not much of issue.

Well, interesting and a bit different than I remember. Still smooth but this isn’t as dry as my notes below would suggest.

Original notes 06/20/09

Perhaps the beer that I have sought more than any other over the course of the last few years. Delighted to have a chance to get my hands on this one at last.

2007 vintage, 6.3 oz green bottle. Dark red waxed and capped. Rustic looking, parchment type label.

Deliberately poured into a wine glass rather than a beer snifter.

Toffee colored body with a minimal amount of bubbly head and lace. Beer sits still in the glass. Swirling produces some fantastic alcohol legs on the glass.

The nose is beautifully subtle and rich. Chocolate, cocoa, light raspberries, Madeira and sherry notes too. As the beer warms there are more and more raspberries that come to the fore. Some dry, baking chocolate in there too.

The tastes are SILKY smooth with a big rush of alcohol upfront and then raspberry seeds in the back end. Finishes surprisingly dry, but I assume that this is another function of the raspberries.

It drinks like a classy liqueur and is perfect for a digestif. Other beers are sometimes touted in the this role but most don’t fit the bill. For me, this one does and it reminds me of a (somewhat dry) Madeira. Alcohol is present and warming but perfect for the beer.

This is one of the very few beers that I would go out of my way for – I knew I would love this, and I was right.


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ABV: 13.5 %
Appearance: 4.5
Taste: 5
Mouthfeel: 5
Smell: 5
Overall: 5
Total: 4.98
Series Name:
Year: 2007


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