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Session beer revisited, briefly

Feb 19, 2022
BJCP Session Strength

If you know, you know.

I’ve got close to twenty years of online history relating to a single mantra about session beer, which is; beer can only be correctly labeled as session beer if it is 4% ABV or under. If you would like to read the longer version of my thoughts on this matter from 2011, then please take the time to read them here. I think it’s worth your time. That post summarizes things fairly completely, so why am I bringing this up once more? Well, today I learned something new, and if you disagree with my 4% cap then I suggest that you read on.

I think that my newly acquired knowledge is quite profound. I don’t know how long this information has been out there, nor do I really understand how it has escaped me until this point, but now I have it. Are you ready? Here it is. The BJCP, YES THE FRIGGING BJCP, confirms everything that I have said about the 4% cap, in their own, Style Tag Reference. I’m tempted to say, “I told you so”, but I guess I’d like to know the history behind this before I go off the deep-end. I also think that I have mellowed slightly over the years, so levels of piss and vinegar may not be quite what they once were, but still, this seems like it might be highly relevant to my position. BJCP Session Strength


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