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Notes on beers in the style


Red Brick Solstice Roggenbock

On tap at Taco Mac Metropolis on 06/23/09 - from notes; 16 oz pour. 30 year anniversary beer for TM from ABC. In summary, unoffensive but not much character that would suggest that this is a Roggenbier. The pour is a very surprising bright yellow affair with good clarity, some nice head and decent lace. Looks are possibly the strongest feature of this brew. Light on taste, in fact rather sweet. Almost no rye taste when compared to some other beers that contain the grain. Simple malty, bread...

Wolnzacher Roggenbier

Dirty orange pour with a disconcerting amount of nasty looking sediment. I have no problems with bottle-conditioned and unfiltered beers, but when we get to this level of debris swirling around in the glass it really doesn't look at all appetizing. The troubling thing is that the level of carbonation coupled with the size and amount of sediment combine to give a real nasty looking mess in the glass that almost seems to be alive! Huge carbonation on the pour that strangely faded to leave no...