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Notes on beers in the style

English Pale Mild Ale

O’Hanlons Yellowhammer

Drunk at The Keeper's Cottage, just outside of Cullompton, Devon, England in the Summer of 2007 - from notes. The Keeper's Cottage is a pub that I know very well. Growing up as a young drinker we would sometimes make the short trip out there for a couple of pints. To be honest, the place has seen better days and looks a little run down to me. Weird looking beer! Yellow hammer is certainly appropraite as this almost looks a little like a Hefe without the huge head! Really, murky yellow pour...


Rather odd. (Originally reviewed when the beer was called, "The Beer to Dine For" in the 750 mL capped bottles). Purchased at Roller's on HHI, SC, USA. Presentation and name are obviously an attempt to make people think about their beer in the same way they think about their wine - that is, as a drink to pair with food. Now, although that is a noble goal in itself, the name and the bottle (it's a clear one) are just too contrived to take very seriously, and frankly make the beer look a bit...