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Zywiec Breweries PLC (Heineken)

Zywiec Beer

$2.49 for the 500 mL bottle from a Russian supermarket out in Decatur, GA, USA. Sometimes you just get a moment when a beer is simply perfect for the circumstance. Zywiec happened to fill one of those moments for me yesterday. Very little to report about the beer itself other than what you would expect. The pour gives a golden body with a bone-white head. Head is good but lace and retention are not great. The nose is essentially neutral which is not necessarily a bad thing, but at the same...

Zywiec Porter

500 mL bottle, Best Before 10-14-2006, so I am a bit behind schedule, don't suppose it matters at all. Thanks to Silentsabre and The Maniacalone. Pour is jet balck with some ruby red highlights at the extreme edges. Not much head and some lacing. Strong port and alcohol aroma. Mouthfeel is huge with layers and layers of thick sweetness. This drinks as if it were a RIS. Burned malts, strong alcohol, bitter-sweet and large, this is a porter that is busting out of its pants in an attempt to be an...