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Woodstock Brewing Company (Beer Brands)

Woodstock Pilsner

Been around for a long time in Atlanta, GA, USA, just getting around to reviewing it now. 12 oz single from Michael's. Nice yellow color with some head and a little lace, but lacks clarity with some chill haze. Corny nose lacks definition. The taste also lacks definition. In a Pils I am looking for a clean beer and a big, dry hop bite in the finish - this beer doesn't realy provide it. Has potential but currently it's a beer that needs sharpening up and has to get a better defined edge to make...

Woodstock India Pale Ale

Took me an age to get around to trying and reviewing this. Purchased as a single from Michael's, Marietta, GA, USA. Aroma is VERY promising, plenty of the typical hop characteristics of your usual American, DIPA. Color is a mid-brown with a little chill haze that clears to leave a clear, amber pour. Small head, with a small amont of retention. So far, so good. Here's the problem; it's just amazingly DRY. Puckeringly dry in fact, and so much so that is takes away from the drinkability of the...