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Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Ode To Mercy

On-tap at Taco Mac in Douglasville, GA, USA. Pour is a good looking, dark brown color with some nice clarity. Carbonation is relatively low which seems appropriate. Small head with some spotty film on the surface and a little lace. A little thin. I read a couple of reviews of this beer which described a coffee note to the beer which to be honest I took with a pinch of salt. "Coffee" taste is one of those default, fallback tastes that I think people sometimes imagine in Stouts and Porters and...


Small pour at Ormsby's. Surprised to see this brew on a recent afternoon visit. Presented in a small snifter. Beer does DEFINITELY not have the color of a Belgian Pale, and on the menu it was advertised a "Strong Golden Ale" which again, it most definitely isn't. Not sure what they are going for here. To me it has more of the character of a dark(er), Belgian "single"/"simple" with perhaps a hint of Belgian IPA character in there too (American influence - unwelcome in my book). The pour is...