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United Breweries - UB Group

Kingfisher Premium Lager

The only place I drink this is in Indian restaurants and it does make for a simple, heat quenching, late night accompaniment to spicy food. It’s clean, refreshing and simple, just the kind of thing that you want to go with your hot food under these circumstances. I find it difficult to review this because my expectations surrounding it are very low; I just expect it to do a simple job that it continues to do well. On the grand scale of adjunct lagers I like it. Is it a great beer? No, but it...

Taj Mahal Premium Lager

Not bad, I've had worse, fairly typical for an Indian lager. This is reminiscent of your standard macro, but with a little drier, harder bite. I like it as long as it's very well chilled and I'm eating with it. I've drunk a lot of this stuff with Indian food, but it will do a good job with any spicy offering. An attractive pour with good golden color and a substantial head that hangs around for most of the drink. It's dryish, with a bitter ending and some metallic characteristics. Nothing...