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Notes on beers brewed by

Two Brothers Brewing Company

Prairie Path Ale

12oz bottle. Thanks go out to Vancer as part of Old Farts/CEO BIF. Golden/orange hazed pour with some decent carbonation. Head is small, but does come with some lace and is creamy. I really don't get much Belgian character here. Not much sugar or prominent yeast note, nor is there enough alcohol for me. This drinks like a malty Pils or a Kolsch, but looks more like a diluted Dunkelweizen - all a little odd. A very small amount of mild spice. A slight Saaz bitterness in the finish (a little...

Cane & Ebel

Thanks to Beerinator as part of XBIF 39. 22oz Bomber. Excellent mahogany red color with a super head and plenty of lacing. A real nice looker. Aroma is sweet hops. It's all here. Plenty of rye character from start to finish and the hops are delicious and full. A double IPA type feel, without the abrasiveness of mega-hops, and a sensible, but still satisfying 7.0% ABV. Very full in the mouth, with plenty to contemplate as you consume it. Has the unusual effect of being thirst quenching and...

Heavy Handed IPA

Huge rocky head that was slightly annoying as I tried to pour the beer, but did look great. Sweet hop aroma, defintely on the oily, grassy, organic side of things. Light, but extremely distinct. Sweetened grapefruit taste, although not as heavily sweet as a Stoudt's DIPA for example, but still very enjoyable. Smooth, sweet finish with a nice hop kick in the end. Very nice example of how a heavily hopped beer can be kept drinkable with some balance.