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Twain's Billiards and Tap

Twain’s Honest Lender Imperial Brown

Crystal clear pour with a solid head and nice lace & retention; this looks very good. Tasty malts are the order of the day (as they should be for a brown ale), and surprisingly (becasue this is categorized as an AMERICAN brown) the hops are reserved. Don't get me wrong, I MUCH prefer toned down hops in my brown ales since it make sense to have a brown with malts being the dominant character, but American browns usually do exactly the opposite - this one doesn't. Couple the fact that this has...

Twain’s Tidy Soul Dunkelweiss

Kinda interesting. Like others have noted, a deep dark brown pour, but with surprising clarity for Dunkelweizen - must be filtered, because this is really clear. Head and lace are good, in keeping with the beers that Twains regularly produces. Bubblegum and banana notes meet the nose and the tastes reflect pretty much exactly what I would expect in the style. Nose and tastes match well. Drinks a little easier and cleaner than some of its German forefathers. An interesting beer that solves the...

Twain’s Temperent Temperance Mild Ale

Nice clarity on the 12oz pour with a small head that maintains a ring of lace on the surface and a little on the glass. Good chestnut color. Some real metallic bitterness here, especially in the finish which has a little copper coinage metal in the back. Nice beer, that is a bit edgy, and for me lacks a little sophistication. Also, to me this is simply NOT a mild ale. In my milds (which I think are originals) we would look for more sweetness, a greater malt presence and less bittering from the...

Twain’s Leaping Frog IPA

Turbid appearance, a very murky brown with moderate lace and head. Served as a 12 oz glass. On draft with ony one other offering at the time (the Stout). Mild acidity with some bitterness, but hops mainly on the back end and in the finish. Run of the mill nose and flavors. Not especially interesting in any respect, but perfectly drinkable and a decent offering. Nice with my Greek Salad.