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Triangle Brewing Company

Triangle Belgian Golden Ale

Same beer as this review; http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/16186/38572/?ba=Ding but this time from the 12 oz can. Purchased at The Beer Dispensary in Apex, NC, USA. Very much the same feel as before with the sweetness coming through as the main asset. This beer is sweet enough to be firmly in the Tripel category for me. You've GOT to enjoy some phenolic esters and a LOT of sweetness to get your head around this. The color does seem lighter, clearer and more golden compared to the last...

Triangle Belgian Golden Ale

22 oz bottle, $9.75 via mail from Bruisin' Ales. Thanks J & J. Pour gives a large, rocky head with is persistent and leaves tremendous lace. The body is a touch darker than I would like for the style, exuding a hazy, cloudy orange rather than the golden yellow I was looking for. Still, the combination is pretty good looking nevertheless. Nose has a great combo of BIG Belgian style yeasts and some white pepper. Tremendous promise in the aroma. Tastes reflect the nose which is great, but also...