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Traquair House Brewery Lld

Traquair Jacobite

330 mL bottle. Basically exactly what I expected. Deep brown color, all malt and a tinge of alcohol on top. The head is great initially but this fades to almost nothing and very little lacing. The only disappointment is the mouthfeel which is a bit thin. Plenty of alcohol soaked figs in the nose - some Christmas tastes. Tastes are typical for the style with malt and mild alcohol layers cascading over one another - delicious. Drinkabilty is high.

Traquair House Ale

Nice looking pour with distinct red highlights amongst the dark amber body. A thin head that quickly disappears with some small amount of lacing. Lots of malt sweetness and sugary caramel in the nose. Quite heavy on the alcohol upfront, but this fades quickly to give a warmth through the rest of the drink. Mouthfeel is not as good as one would be led to believe by the nose, in fact quite thin in comparison to what I was expecting. Definite molasses and malt body, which I like, but the...