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Notes on beers brewed by

Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery

Poor Richard’s Ale

I am basing the selection of style on this document; http://www.beertown.org/homebrewing/pdf/Poor_Richards.pdf although that is open to very wide interpretations I feel. Malty concoction with the emphasis on the sweet dark side of things rather than bitterness or hop character. Very drinkable with the dark sugars present in the nose. Decent looker, with some head, but fades fast. Interesting concept, but ultimately a pretty average beer.

Ellie’s ESB

ESB? I increasingly find that the American version of the ESB is somewhat removed from what I consider to be a true English Bitter - this was another example of that divide. Way too pale to fall into my version of the style, this smelled, drank and looked like a watered down version of an English bitter. It tasted significantly better, but still was bland and lack punch. A dry beer, with some balance, but just rather insipid.