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Notes on beers brewed by

Teignworthy Brewery

Spring Tide

Taken from notes, Summer 2007. Drunk in several East and South Devon venues both on Cask and in bottles. This is the bottle version review. Pour gives a low carbonated, simple amber body but the lace is very pronounced considering the head. It's simple, well balanced malts all the way, with a slight hop bite in the finish. Sessionable features (if a touch on the high ABV side), but it all works well. Typical of the style, very easy drinking and nothing much to report outside of a solid version...

Old Moggie

Arguably THE best beer that I had on a recent trip back home that included over 100 different beers in a three week period. Exceptional malts are upfront which hold the whole brew together. Perfectly balanced hop profile cuts in, but the sweetness of the malt make this beer for me. Almost honey-like flavor and smoothness, real ambrosia. Pour is a mid amber color with a good head that is dense and well retained. Lace is superb. To say this beer is easy to drink is the understatement of the...