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Notes on beers brewed by

Summit Brewing Company

Summit Great Northern Porter

Thanks go out to feloniousmonk. Lovely black coffee appearance with a lingering spotty head and some lacing. Body has a cola or black coffee color. Alcohol is quite strong in the nose and is really rather apparent in the aftertaste too. Burned malts are there as well, but there is a fairly bitter taste that is very noticeable. I prefer a creamier Porter, with a bit less harsh bitterness but that is just personal preference and this is still a solid example.

Summit Extra Pale Ale

Very straightforward decent quality brew. Some good carbonation on the pour with an attractive, but lighter than expected amber color with a little chill haze. Enjoyable malt backdrop with a fairly dry, hop taste cutting across the malts in the mouth and in the finish. A little citrus in there too, and the beer is a decent thirst quencher. Nothing special, but a nice steady, solid performer. Not a style that I can ever get very excited about, but this is a decent tasting beer. Thanks to...

Summit Winter Ale

Dark chestnut hue with some red highlights too. Minimal head but nevertheless some decent lacing. A little bit of hop aroma but really very little. Taste is a dry hop with a little spice. For a winter warmer this is very subdued but still very drinkable. Some nice bitterness in the finish. Mouhtfeel is OK, but a very average performer in most categories. OK, but nothing spectacular to report.