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Notes on beers brewed by

Stevens Point Brewery

Point Classic Amber

12 oz single, many thanks go out to Kevin for the chance to try this. Pour offers a strangely red tinge to the beer with plenty of white head. The color goes beyond amber and to another level. Nose offers little, but the tastes do deliver a touch more that I was expecting. Some light acidity on the malts and a light dry character that no-one is calling 'hoppy', but on the other hand does deliver a certain non-sweet note. Ordinary? Sure, but a beer that doesn't leave me unhappy, if at the same...

Horizon Wheat

12 oz single bottle. Thanks to Kevin for the chance to try this. A nice, butterscotch colored, unfiltered look, Half decent head but not much lace. Nose is pretty light and gives up nothing more than a touch of citrus and perhaps some vegetal notes. The tastes are much better and deeper than the nose would suggest. Some citrus wheat, a little light bitterness and a decent fruity finish. Decent taste and a beer that would be interesting fresher and on tap. Delighted by the ABV as well.

Point Belgian White

12oz single from Tower on Buford, Atlanta, GA, USA. A Wit??? A TERRIBLE example of the style with a TOTAL lack of depth, flavor and no presence. Dreadful. This is tragic. It's a poor macro lager and a dreadful Wit - in fact it has no orange peel or coriander characteristics that I can pick up at ALL. A slightly clouded, macro lager like pour with no head and no lace. Looks weak and pissy. The really disappointing thing here is this; I don't care if this is disappointing to me, but if non-craft...

Augsburger Dark

12 oz single from Highland Beverage, Hiram, GA, USA. $1.39. Dark brown pour with a mocha colored head that fades to a thin film but looks nice. Extremely malty nose, but it seems to come with a fluffy, aged and musty character which is not very attractive. I don't think that this is a very old bottle, but it tastes a bit old. Refreshing with a dry, hoppy bitterish finish. Tastes reflect that old flavor too. Decent, and apart from the odd, "old" taste.

Point Special

Thanks to SilentSabre for the opportunity to try this beer. 12 oz single bottle. Very fizzy pour indeed. Noisy effervesence. Large, light head disappears very quickly to reveal a typical macro pour. Light and golden body with rising bubbles. Stacks of corny, grainy aroma and tastes this is basically a standard American macro. Clean and dry, very little bitterness, just a simple macro type lager. I guess it could be just about any macro, but at least it's simple and non-offensive (unlike...