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Notes on beers brewed by

St. George Brewing Company, The

American Brown Ale

From the mixed Dragon Pack. A surprisingly thick head forms with some lacing. The head is a light brown color, cappuccino like, that sits on top of the deep brown body. Nicely balanced, with a decent bitter bite complemented by the malts, this drinks easily. Some dry acidity too that I would have expected to take away from the beer, but somehow it all seems to stay together rather well. Having said all of that, a little too thin overall for my taste. Aftertaste is a little odd as well, with...


Part of the Dragon Pack mixed sixer. Dark, classic Porter pour with some ruby red highlights. Nice looking, creamy, spotty head that sits on the surface of the dark body. Good roasty, chocolate notes in the nose. Good smooth, velvet like tastes that are very satisfying. Above average tastes and mouthfeel. Very drinkable.

Nut Brown Ale

Some confusion on BA over St. George's Brown Ale's? This was definitely the Nut Brown, since it had "Nut Brown" on the label! Part of the mixed sixer, Dragon Pack. Light brown body, small head and some lacing. Good nose with plenty of malts and some bready character. Lots of refreshing traits, with a nice bite in the finish. High drinkability. The finish is the most interesting aspect with a sweet, caramel dry ending that rounds the drink out nicely.

Winter Stout (Russian Imperial Stout)

Another really nice offering from St. George. Part of their mixed sixer, the Dragon Pack. Not much to say about the pour, except that it qualifies as a RIS. Viscous and a small (1/8th of an inch) head forms and recedes to give a classic spotty cream finish. Has an espresso look. Sugary, toffee caramels in the nose. Sweetness with lovely malts and only the mearest hint of bitterness in the finish. Extremely smooth, this drinks like a much, much more expensive brew. It IS sweeter than most...


Better than average if somewhat of an unusual version of the style. This poured in a classic Pilsener manner, but the nose and taste were much, much sweeter with a distinct lack of hop bitterness that accompanies the classic version of the style. It was creamier and more rounded than a traditional Pils, and subsequently lacked the crisp, cleanliness that one would normally associate with the traditional German beer. As long as you were not craving a classicly stlyed beer, then this all comes...

Golden Ale

Very deep golden color, with a little cloudiness in the pour. Good head, but this overshadowed by the exceptional amount of sticky lacing that is left on the glass - truly some of the most extensive lacing that I have seen. Sweet, sugary aromas and initial tastes, but this very quickly gives way to a dry, crisp, slightly bitter, hoppy finish. An unusual combination of tastes that makes for a very pleasant combination that is both refreshing and satisfying. Nice, simple beer, very drinkable,...