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Ska Brewing Co.
True Blonde Dubbel

True Blonde

SKA is perhaps the American brewery I would most like to see available in Georgia. Over the years I've enjoyed many of their products, and True Blonde Dubbel is a beer that I have tasted on several prior occasions to this, so it's about time for a formal review. This, latest 22 oz bottle, came from the Chicago road-trip. The bomber with the yellow wax is something I really enjoy visual taking in. The blue label with the SKA black and white checks works very well. The beer pours a light golden...

Modus Hoperandi

Modus Hoperandi

12 oz can from the Beer Dispensary, Apex, NC, USA. I've had this beer a few times before, but this is the first review. There is absolutely no doubt that the nose that the beer generates is absolutely unique and extraordinary. A big, fat, green, fresh hop presence that lingers and is the highlight of the beer for me. The copper colored, clear body gives a tremendously impressive head and a lot of sticky lace. Good signs. Some metallic notes and plenty of bitterness that lingers and drives the...

Modus Hoperandi

Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter

22 oz presentation with the attractive blue wax. Looks promising. Pour is a lovely, black body with some brownish highlights. The head is rocky, mocha in color and high. It looks great, but to be honest it fades a bit quickly and loses depth leaving not much lace. This is a really interesting beer to me for a number of reasons. Firstly I really enjoy SKA. Secondly the head fading so quickly is a bit of a disappointment. Normally, beers of this style, with this ABV tend to be pretty boozy and...

Modus Hoperandi

ESB Special Ale

Delighted to get hold of this one fom a recent Bruisin' Ales mail order. Can as shown in the BA db picture. Popped the top with very little fanfare. Aggressive pour leads to an initially high head but this fades to give a nice, spotty film on the surface of the beer. Some lace. Body is a cloudy orange that is a tad too pale for my liking. Nose is a little light grass but has some sweetness in there too. Nice upfront mild bitterness and a solid malt presence to hold the whole thing together....

Modus Hoperandi

Decadent Imperial IPA

Thanks to russpowell for this opportunity. 650 mL bottle, with a red wax-dipped neck. Nice presentation. Pour is VERY good looking. GREAT clarity, super head and some lace but with a delicious looking, dark copper colored body - really nice presentation. More sticky lace would have scored it a 5. Frankly at this ABV it's a miracle that it has any at all. Aroma threatens some sweetness with plenty of alcohol. Despite the 10%, this drinks well under that number with a very nice mouthfeel - I was...