Special Reserve Wisconsin Scottish Ale

As others have mentioned, there is no mention of "Special Reserve" on the label here, so I am assuming this is the correct beer. 12 oz bottle, thanks go out to Kevin for the chance to try this beer. Mid-amber pour with a nice clarity. Head is reserved, but appropriate. The nose is really rather strong with plenty of sherry liquor notes which get me rather excited.The aroma promises a richness. The taste don't really match the virility of the aroma. There is certainly a huge malty, sweet,...

Sand Creek Golden Ale

12 oz single, thanks to Kevin for the chance to try this beer. Pour is a strange, hazed and cloudy pour with a butterscotch color. This is a sweet, grainy, musty beer which frankly is pretty unimpressive. Some notes of cardboard and a mixture of lemony sweetness come together to produce a beer that is a prickly, fizzy, bland and watery concoction. Not good, and I'm not sure what this is trying to be, but either way - no thanks.