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Notes on beers brewed by

San Miguel Corporation

San Miguel Dark Lager

Single from Total Wine @ Perimeter, Atlanta, GA, USA. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I "like" this beer, but what I will say is that it pretty much nails the style. Now, whether or not you consider that to be a good thing is a different question, but I suppose we should offer some credit! Black pour with some significant orangy/red highlights. The color is fine bu the beer is quite badly let down by the lack of persistent head - it dies in the glass very quickly. Obviously a sweetish,...

San Miguel Premium Lager

Surprisingly drinkable. I was expecting the usual adjunct macro swill, but got a half-decent, creamy sweet lager that looked attractive and drank easy. Some hint of grain in the nose, but not too much and it passed the skunk test! Some creaminess in the mouth and quite refreshing without ever breaking into tastiness! Don't get me wrong, this is like lots of other thirst quenchers out there, and is no more than a decent lawnmower style, but I wouldn't turn it down. Lack of bitterness in the...