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Notes on beers brewed by

Rock Bottom Restaurant And Brewery

Hooch Pilsener

Pretty decent Pils with a good mouthfeel and nice look being its best qualities. Aroma's and tastes are standard, but the yellow body is topped by a good head and decent lacing that are both above average. Less hoppy than many in the style and there is definitely a lack of bite in the finish, but the extra, unexpected depth in the body makes up for that. Slightly out of style in that respect, but nevertheless a decent drinker.


The beer I drank was "The Loop" IPA which I am going to assume is the same as the one listed here. They advertise this a cask conditioned(?) it comes with a great looking cloudy appearance and a strong, sharp, single hop aroma. A nice looking beer certainly. Tastes are sharp grapefruit with a short drying finish. Solid American version of the IPA. Easy drinker and satisfying, I was quite impressed.