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Notes on beers brewed by

River Company Restaurant & Brewery

River Company Stout

Very solid example of the style. Simple, black pour with a fine head and lace. Not much to report other than solid. Decent roasted notes with a finish that was dryish but still left me wanting more. Not the best of the beers at The River Company but quite acceptable in terms of quality and the style. Tasty and drinkable, with a solid look.

Farmhouse Hefe

Interesting beer and Mike the Brewmaster was VERY enthusiastic about it. It has its roots in a Colombian recipe that turn turn has its roots in a genuine German one. A complicated story how it came to be in this part of the world, but nevertheless an interesting one. Standard look, with good lace and retention. The strongest part of the beer was the nose which was POTENT! One of the stronest clove notes I have witnessed in some time. Rounded out with a touch more spice and some light banana....

Southwest V IPA

Simple and good quality example of the style. The most abiding memory of this beer was the lace. Very fine, but also sticky and very abundant. Light orange tones with a fruity nose that belies its American roots. Slightly reminded me of an English version with a light touch on the alcohol and the hops. A gentle and subtle beer that would have some serious potential for crossover. Good summer drinking and nice beer to introduce the beer ignorant to. Approachable.

Traveler’s Pale Ale

Straight-up simple version of the style with a hop bill that is obvious but at the same time reserved. Good malt balance, refreshing and drinkable. Light orange body with minimal lace, the beer drinks easier than most of the style. Tasty and worth a visit. Probably a beer that could easily be put into a simple, everyday rotation. Less aggressive than some of the same ilk.

Fairlawn’s Finest Cream Lager

On tap at the brewery with Mike (the Brewmaster) in attendance! First off I made an assumption about this beer that is often correct but in this case was a little off. The production of a beer like this in a brewpub is usually done mainly to satisfy the hoards of BMC drinkers that can only stomach a light beer of some description. When I asked Mike about this he told me that yes, there was *some* truth in that, BUT he would only be content brewing a beer that additionally stood on its own, and...