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Notes on beers brewed by

Richbrau Brewing Company

Belgian-Style White Ale

16oz pour $2.38 during Happy Hour. Cloudy appearance with a very light mouthfeel and taste. A little too light for my tastes, in fact maybe even a little watery. Slightly too simple? Some Belgian yeast notes come through. Refreshing and drinkable, but lacks body and character. It was a beer that I would call competent. Not bady made, but something that I would imagine a half decent homebrewer could put together. One for the ladies?


8oz pour, for $1.69 during Happy Hour. Lovely dark dark brown pour and a nicely formed head. Some lace. Good malts (obviously) which are going to be the basis for any decent Alt. I pick up a mild nutty roastiness, and some golden syrup. Slightly too sweet for me, but a pretty good stab at the style - drinkable.

Winter Warmer

What a delightful find. A cask beer! Unusual enough in this part of the world, but being in the style of a Winter Warmer makes this a exciting brew to stumble across. Two, 8oz half-pint pours at $1.80 each during Happy Hour. Great garnet color with a super head and lace. Looks great. Beautiful clarity, very smooth in the mouth. Nutty malts. Highly drinkable, a relatively subtle beer wiithout any kind of Winter Warmer spice that I could pick up, but still very tasty. Impressed.