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Notes on beers brewed by

Rex Beverage Holdings

William Penn Colonial Style Lager

12 oz single from Tower on Buford. Nice depth of color on the pour, but the carbonation seems a little too lively for the style which in turn produces a scant, over-bubbly head and no lace. A shame because the color looked promising. It quickly dies in the glass. The nose is pretty amazing. It has a deep, sweet malt presence that almost immediately turns into an old, slightly musty sherry note. The tase reflect that, and have me reaching for the bottle to see if there is a date on it. There...

Horny Goat Belgian Style Wheat

Saw this in four packs (encased in a cardboard container like an energy drink) a few times before, and figured it was not good, but then I saw it at Mac's Midtown in Atlanta as part of their "mix-a-sixer" so guessed it was worth 1/6 of $7.99! Poured into the Tucher Weizen glass this has a decent head for a few seconds but then it fades badly. Lace is scant. Body has a classic, hazed lemon look, so that was OK. Strange, peppery-citrus nose followed by a weak, watery body that lacks banana or...