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Ram Restaurant & Brewery

Big Red IPA

Well, essentially pretty much what you would expect for a brewpub cranking out a standard, solid IPA. Nothing remotely spectacular, pretty much average all the way around. Rather than "red" I got a copper tone with a small head and disappointing lace (clean glasses?). Simple hop and malt balance which is its strong point. Mild citrus all the way around in terms of the nose and taste and not much else. A very simple effort which the best comment can be "at least they didn't screw it up".

Triple Seven (7^3)

Advertised on their beer board as 7^3 (i.e. seven raised to the power of 3), the waitress called this beer "Triple Seven" (obviously the niceties of mathematics are not a strong point at The Ram) and told me it was 8.00% ABV. It drank pretty well at that point to me. Anyway, she described it as a "Belgian Wheat" that was brewed as batch 777 by the brewery. Apparently they mark these numbers with special beers. Nice Tripel color and it sit well in the glass with good head and lace. The beer is...