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Pratt Street Ale House

Oliver’s Pagan Porter

A weak and pissy beer that lacked any body or creaminess. I thought this was/is a very poor example of the style. The thin body was the overwhelming experience, to the point of feeling it was watered down. A flat pour with virtually no head, there were some roasted notes in the nose. The most distinguishable taste was that of smoky, burning wood - not something I've encountered before, nor would want to again. Very disappointing. The thin mouthfeel made whatever little redeeming features this...

Oliver’s ESB

Incredibley simple ESB, and that's its strength. The pour was like a nitro, with plenty of those minute bubbles of carbonation that produce a tight, creamy and lasting head. Simple brown coloration - very clear. Aroma is very muted, as are the initial tastes. This beer benefits a great deal from warming up to room temperature. The cold serving temperature seems to mute everything about the beer. As it warms, the balance of malt and hops beginings to be more evident and intensifies the...