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Notes on beers brewed by

Palmetto Brewing Company

Palmetto Porter

Good creamy head with decent retention and some lacing. Nice chestnut brown base with amber highlights. Nose is nuttier than most Porters. A hint of smoke, but it drinks clean. A little thin in the body for my taste, but just about standard. Easy drinking with a slight chocolate bitter finish

Palmetto Pale Ale

Extremely basic APA with all the typical characteristics of a low to medium quality, staple beer. Served too cold, generating no head, no lacing and virtually no aroma and no taste. Under different circumstances (i.e. some care and consideration) perhaps this would be a better experience, but nowhere have I enjoyed a pint drawn in a different manner. Pale orange appearance with some chill haze and no nose to speak of. Dryish mouthfeel that goes through to the finish with an absence of malt or...

Palmetto Lager

Smashing beer. This is a simple, no nonsense refreshing lager that I really, really enjoyed. Good looking pour with a thick frothy head that had excellent retention. Exceptionally clear, golden coloration and a crispness that really caught my attention. Very smooth, no bitterness or dryness on the way down, just a solid American lager. Great summer refresher. Good value too, definitely worth picking up a six pack when in the Carolinas.

Palmetto Amber

Malt appearance in terms of color, and that comes through in the aroma and the initial taste. This soon changes to a dry sensation, but without much hop bitterness. This beer has a very light feel about it, that could be taken either way - either as a positve or a negative depending on my mood. If you're looking for a stand out beer, forget it, if you are looking for a fairly light, easy drinking, local alternative when you are in the South Carolina area then by all means give it a try. If you...