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Notes on beers brewed by

Otter Brewery Ltd

Hoppy Otter IPA

Delighted to discover this sitting at Green's on Ponce, Atlanta, GA, USA. $3.99 for the 500 mL bottle. Attractive bottle and nice green label complete the presentation. Noisy pour into the shaker pint yelds a bright, clear amber body, soapy head and some lace. Looks very nice. The label boasts the combination of spring water from the river Otter in Devon (a few miles from my birthpalce and home), English floor malts, their own yeast and whole cone hops from the West Coast of the USA. This...

Otter Head

500 mL bottle, Smyrna Beverage Warehouse, Smyrna, GA, USA. Typical English Pale Ale (a little stronger in the ABV stakes), dark orange pour with a bubbly but not dense head - some sticky lacing. A lot of malt sweetness in the nose, very tempting. All the usual, US imported, bottled English Ale (bitter) characteristics are present. Biscuit malts are in abundance, with some dry hops and acidity in the taste. Fruity and complex, this beer has all the attributes would should expect from a classy...