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Offshore Ale Company

Offshore Amber Ale

The massive froth head that, at first is incredibly annoying but after walking away for about three minutes, leaves a huge amount of fantastic lacing and a spectacular rocky head. The lacing alone makes this a "5" on the appearance scale. After a ridiculous pour, it turned out to be one of the best looking beers I have seen in a long tome. Very hazy light, golden color in the pour too. All in all pretty interesting appearance. Kind of sweet and light, reminded me a little of fruit juice. Aroma...

Offshore IPA

Very good. Absolutely solid version of the style, keeping well within the remit and knowing its limits perfectly. The most refreshing change is the fact that this beer really is an authentic American IPA, that is simply being an IPA. It is saying something that having picked up, double this and double that and Imperial the other, that one can enjoy a simple IPA that tastes like, well a simple IPA! Excellent color, classic orange, with a lovely looking head and some first class lacing. Simple...