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O'Fallon Brewery


12oz single as part of CEO/Old Farts BIF - thanks go out to Vancer. Oh dear. Insipid pour reveals a worryingly pale, cloudy yellow body. Small head leaves quickly and the lace is non-existent. Aroma is a strong Peach one. Mouthefeel is pretty thin, and the taste is, well, of nothing! "Watery" is the only real adjective. Virtually tasteless. I quite like a decent fruit beer, so that's not my problem, but this was terrible. Mainly water as far as I could tell. Is this macro hell?

Pumpkin Ale

As part of Old Farts/CEO BIF - thanks to Vancer. 12oz single. Being Thanksgiving, I thought it was time to clear out the remainder of the Pumpkin and O'Fest brews. Very pale orange pour, little or no lace, but some head as long as there is aggression in the pour. Some pumpkin notes but muted. Seems a little acidic and the alcohol comes through too strong for my liking. Pumpkin taste is a little off. Doesn't seem fresh, almost a bit musty. Perhaps I should have grabbed this earlier. Not a very...

Lemp Jurassic Dark

Thanks go out to Vancer for this offering as part of CEO/Old Farts BIF. 12oz, single bottle. Light brown body, thinnish looking. Head and lace are largely missing. Some aggresive carbonation in the mouth which I'm not sure is appropriate for the style. I'm looking for something a little smoother. Nice combination of sweet malts and some wheats. Fairly simple with a mild aftertaste. Pretty average beer. Non-offensive, but lacks body and presence for me.

Smoke (Smoked Porter)

Thanks go out to BigLove for the opportunity. Dark brown, dirty and murky body with a hell of a lot of yeast(?) sediment at the bottom of the glass. Not much head and no lacing. Very little smoke in the nose, but lots in the taste. Mocha coffee mixed with the more obvious and expected bacon and ham chewiness. Much more smokey than a simple smoked porter to me, in fact this is really a Rauchbier in my book. Drinkability is OK, BUT you have to real like the Rauchbier style to enjoy...

Cherry Chocolate Beer

I'll try anything once, and although I was grateful to have been given the opportunity by Travis (aka BigLove), I must admit I was a little hesitant. Brown pour with a distinct initial cherry aroma. The cherries continue into the first sips, but these are replaced quickly by the chocolate. The combination gives the finish a chocolate covered cherry taste - a bit sickly sweet and not what I want in my beer. The really odd thing here is the mouthfeel. There is a dinstict powdery feel to it, not...

5 Day IPA

Updated Review - Dec 2007 === Thanks go out to Vancer. STILL working my way through his delivery from the Old Farts/CEO BIF. New label on the bottle compared to the BA db picture. Much the same as my original review except the fact i did not find this quite as drinkable. Original Review - May 2006 === Firstly thanks go out to Travis (BA BigLove) for the bottle with no label. Classic, hazed orange IPA body with a spectacular head and some very nice lacing. Appearance smacks of quality. Plenty...