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Notes on beers brewed by

O'Dempsey's LLC

Inukshuk IPA

16 oz pint at Taco Mac, East West Connector, Atlanta/Austell, GA, USA. Strange one this. The beer pours an unattractive, soup-like, nasty, brown, murky color like dirty water. A mediocre head and virtually no retention complete the ugliness of the delivery - really unattractive color, especially for something that calls itself an IPA. The funny thing is, that the beer tastes a LOT better than the appearance would suggest, BUT it is an incredibly fruity, sweet IPA and NOT one that shows any...

Big Red Ale

12 oz single, Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. Very good color on the pour with a lovely, dark red/mahogany color and a nice head that has a toffee colored hue. Not much retention or lace. Carbonation produces some streaming bubbles. Nose has a bunch of quite seriously sweet malts. The tastes highlight and showcase the malts even more than the nose would suggest. The beer is really quite sweet and lacks much of a typical dry finish that is often associated with the style. As the beer warms and as I...