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Odell Brewing Company

Odell IPA

Thanks go out to ArrogantB for the trade (thrown in as a bonus on a recent package). 12 oz single bottle. Bucking elephant on the label! Raised, dot matrix 062807 on the label. Quite a pale orange color with a little haziness. Nice creamy and frothy head that subsides to give a creamy finish on the surface. Very good, layered lacing. Pretty much your standard American version of the original English IPA style. Pronounced aromatic hop aroma and a fairly bitter, grapefruit based finish. Dryish...

Odell Cutthroat Porter

A red-brown color than the more typical black color of a Porter. Nice looking, tall and frothy head with good retention and some attractive lacing. Some chocolate and coffee notes, with an above average nose. Some pleasing smokiness & bitterness in the finish complements the fullish mouthfeel. Pretty drinkable but lack of creaminess and nutty tastes take this a little more into Brown Ale territory than I was expecting. Not a classic within the style, but a pretty nice dark ale.