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Notes on beers brewed by

North Peak Brewing Company

North Peak Siren Amber

12 oz stubbie bottle as depicted in the BA db, thanks go out to Kevin for the chance to try this one. Pour produces some nice sticky, white lace on top of a slightly murky, brown body. Not really very interesting to look at but at the same time the head is decent, produces some nice lace and is somewhat well retained. Nose offers little other than some sweet malts. The tastes are fairly ordinary with a few hoppy hints amongst the fairly dry, average malt base. Drinks easily and has good...

Majestic Wheat Ale

Retro looking bottle (as per the BA db picture), thanks to Kevin for the chance to try this beer. Pour gives an alarming, quite dark orange color with a lot of dirty sediment and a large, billowing head. Lace is average, some stickiness. Nose gives a blast of acidity that I take as a good sign, thinking theat there may be some depth to the flavor - there isn't, or at least nowhere near as much as the appearance and the nose would suggest. Very ordinary in the mouth, the beer has a few wheat...